HIGHLUX® Corrugated Sheets

Unsurpassed brilliance and lasting good looks

HIGHLUX® Corrugated Sheets

Unsurpassed brilliance and lasting good looks HIGHLUX® shows excellent resistance to UV light. It does not become yellow or brittle even after many years of outdoor exposure. HIGHLUX® corrugated sheets are impact-resistant and therefore ensure problem-free installation and hail resistance.


The special profiles make it very simple to build highquality roof glazing. The smooth surfaces enables dust and soiling to be washed off by the rain.The variety of grades offer huge scope for creative design. Formed parts for wall flashings and ridge covers add further possibilities.


In a special  "SUNSTOP"  version, the HIGHLUX® corrugated sheets can be used as Sunscreen-glazing.


Range of application

  • Terrace
  • Carports
  • Pergola
  • Porch roof
  • Wind deflector glazing
  • Industrial hall roofs

Deliverable in following configurations

HIGHLUX® 76/18

3 mm thickness

HIGHLUX® 76/18

1,8 mm thickness

HIGHLUX® 130/30

3 mm thickness

HIGHLUX® 177/51

3 mm thickness

HIGHLUX® Bulkhead 76/18

1,8 mm thickness

Following 76/18 formed components are available

Formed component 76/18

Wall mounting profile




Formed component 76/18

Wall mounting profile



Emphasized criteria for the value – HIGHLUX® Corrugated Sheets


Our products are no seasonal items. The high weather resistance of HIGHLUX® corrugated sheets is characteristic for a year-long use.


With HIGHLUX® corrugated sheets the cloudless sky will be bright blue even after many years. HIGHLUX® corrugated sheets do not yellow and ensure a lasting colour perception. Even after years of outdoor exposure we guarantee a high transparancy.


Do you love broken colours on HIGHLUX® multi-skin sheets with wool structure or brown multi-skin sheets for your well-being? Do you want corrugated sheets with pearl structure  for relaxation, or duo you expect transparency at the highest level? No problem with HIGHLUX® corrugated sheets - variety creates individuality


With a good conscience your HIGHLUX® corrugated sheets turn into wellness sheets. A special UV-protection preserves you from a sunburn, while the broken light gives you wellness. A rain-shower turns into a welcome diversion under our roofs; HIGHLUX® 
products are low-noise – that’s what makes our products special.


No matter what you are planning, the HIGHLUX® product range offers you a wide variety of creative solutions. Furthermore HIGHLUX corrugated sheets are lightweight and therefore easy to work with and to install.

Quality and valence at a glance

  • High impact modified, therefore an unproblematic installation and hail-resistance
  • Absolute UV- and hail-resistance
  • No brittle, no yellowing
  • Easy installation because of the special geometric of the sheet
  • The smooth surfaces enables dust and soiling to be washed off by the rain
  • Big freedom of design due to different types
  • Wall mounting profile and ridge covers complete the possibilities
  • Even usable for heat protection 


HIGHLUX® corrugated sheets are extruded from acrylic molding compounds according to state-of-the-art methods, and combine the unsurpassed weather resistance of acrylic with excellent impact strength. That makes HIGHLUX® the ideal choice for structural glazing.


HIGHLUX® is the ideal solution for vitrification.


With HIGHLUX® formed component ridges and wall connections on roofs with SWP and TWP 76/18 can be covered cleanly and appropriately. 


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